Update from Adrian

We have received information from a person called Adrian who has sent us a detailed conversation with a person he described as ‘an angry old man

It relates to a private prosecution being brought against a person by this angry little man.

This little angry man has made a comment that he intentionally failed to attend a court hearing just to keep the court and the defence in the dark.  This will be provided to the relevant authorities.

He also said he did not attend either case management hearing because he didn’t want to travel and would only travel for the hearing.  This will also be provided to the relevant authorities.

This would appear to breach the Criminal Procedure Rules.

The same old man stupidly said it was contempt of court to take a photograph of the prosecution outside court yet we have seen evidence he did the very same thing to 5 serving police officers in Wolverhampton as well as stalking their private facebook pages taking personal photographs of a female police officer and publishing it on Facebook and the media.

Thanks to Adrian for this information which was a surprising turn of events!



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