Announcement by George Vella on 17/1/2020

Below is the latest announcement by George Vella in his Facebook group.  It appeared that George Vella had refrained from posting any more, but, only 17 days into the new year and George Vella, (via the Police Facebook group he owns) continues to target members of the public, i.e. NOTHING TO DO WITH POLICE.

George Vella has been invited to post a link to this page in his Facebook group so his followers are given both side to the story, George Vella will not do this as he is afraid the truth will be discussed.

Please George post a link to this page. 

If you are SO insistent there is “loads of fake news”, then show this page to you followers…  WE DARE YOU.

This is a response to George Vella’s post;  These are FACTS.

There is no fake news being spread.  Neil Wilkes sent a voice recording stating that he was suing West Midlands police for £75.000.  This is not fake news, here is the audio, click here to hear Mr Wilkes making his announcement. We do wish him well.  However, Now George Vella is now inferring that Neil Wilkes has in fact sued West Midlands police for more than £225,000 (almost one quarter of a million pounds).   Why he is saying ‘the amount was set in open court‘ is a mystery, as the court do not ‘set anything, the Claimant simply makes a claim which is litigated away from the courts and only if parties do not reach a settlement does the court become involved.  The truth will soon be known as a Freedom of Information request has been submitted.

We assume George Vella is referring to Mr Ponting in relating to ‘defamatory posts’?  Assuming this, then it would be interesting to see such evidence and any skeleton argument, as Mr Ponting or the Court has seen no evidence.  A Court order was in fact put in place as George Vella and Neil Wilkes refused to provide any evidence point blank to a judge, they thought that a Court would allow a trial without them providing a shred of evidence.  An court order was made and not only did they refuse to abide by the order, they saw fit to seek a transfer to the High Court.   That is all fine, any court will do as far as Mr Ponting is concerned, but the first thing a High Court will want to see (as did the Count Court) is a detailed ‘particulars of claim‘ as well as all evidence to be relied upon.

Mr Ponting did not have any case transferred to the County Court at all. The claim was brought by George Vella and Neil Wilkes (without CPR pre-Action Protocols) and was assigned through their application to the Dudley County Court.  Mr Ponting made an application to have this transferred to a local County Court, this was, as per CPR normal and accepted.

George Vella infers this has been passed up to a senior court, a Court he says he applied for in the first place, this is false information by George Vella.  The High court is the standard Court for any ‘allegations’ under the Defamation Act.  No special privilege was given to George Vella as he would infer, he simply refused the County court to have jurisdiction.  Why…?  because he could!  The County Court can deal with such cases and normally, only large and complex cases are taken to the High Court, one of the main factors is cost.  Why would George Vella want to ‘drive the costs up’ when a County Court ‘can’ have jurisdiction?  A barrister who has reviewed this case has advised that this was a ‘silly decision’ made by a Litigant in person’ who ignored a Court Order.

George Vella may well get free parking in London, that may be one saving grace as if the court make a cost order against him for the abuse to the Justice System he could be facing substantial costs especially for his failure to abide by the CPR rules.  Thankfully, George Vella has declared he has bought a pub, and Neil Wilkes has almost a quarter of a million in the bank so both should have sufficient assets and funds to cover any costs if so awarded.  It will be interesting to see if either paid their Court Application fee which will be substantial and with such funds at their disposal, we do hope they have not falsified an EX160 form?

Lastly, a 7 day + trial!

I have no idea why George Vella would think the High Court would appraise him with 7 days for such a nonsensical case.  the district Judge in the County Court reviewed the ‘application’ and told George Vella and Neil Wilkes that, as it stands, they do NOT have a case and that was why a Court Order was made.

This caused Neil Wilkes to ‘kick off’ in court, resulting in him being ejected by a district judge and he now is facing a criminal investigation. Mr Wilkes has also been charged with Malicious Communications in relation to another matter intrinsically linked to this case.

George Vella claims to have 1,000 pages of evidence, this is odd as he failed to provide ANY evidence whatsoever to the Court.  Let’s see how long the High Court stand for this pantomime.


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The vile
The vile
4 years ago

I heard the “victim” was terrified when Hogan & Wilkes turn up to court! – why travel 100 miles to sit cowering in a corner trying to find your “safe space” and couldn’t look me in the eye- is this the same victim that abuses rape victims? Couldn’t d make this shit up PPP!

Tic tok pussy your time is coming