George Vella and his gang gloat about violent attack of man walking his dogs

We have received information that George Vella,  who lives in Bedfordshire, has posted an article gloating about a violent attack of a man  (the victim) while walking his dogs in Ormskirk.

The attacker will not be named (yet) but is the brother of a man already convicted for attacking the same victim.  The father of these two men was also charged for attacking the victim.

George Vella says he will not name the man who was attacked but then posted a link to the victim’s YouTube channel, clearly identifying him.

Darren Hogan who is also convicted for crimes against the same victim has posted a malicious comment.

A 3rd man named Neil Wilkes ‘liked’ the malicious post, he is linked to George Vella and Darren Hogan as all 3 men are in fact connected to Lancashire police.  They were all part of a Lancashire police operation called ‘Operation Malaya‘, (which spectacularly failed).  This was set up by Lancashire police to frame the same victim, costing the tax-payer tens of thousands of pounds.

This posting by George Vella is a clear sign that he wishes to continue a long-standing vendetta.   This website will continue to re-post anything he says about the victim he continues to target.

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