Paul Turner has risen… apparantly!

Paul Turner has, apparently risen!  See his site at (cut and paste into a browser)

After weeks of speculation it appears Paul Turner, from Skelmersdale, could be behind a website set up to intentionally harass Paul Ponting. The website contains false information and (badly) photo-shopped images all referring to Mr Ponting. Paul Turner is an ex-employee of Mr Ponting who was dismissed for gross misconduct in 2013.

One of the latest articles on the hate website displays traits of Paul Turner’s style. This will not be disclosed but it is identical to previous grossly offensive posts Paul Turner has published online about Mr Ponting.

Paul Turner has never been charged for his harassment and malicious communications towards Mr Ponting, which is due to the fact Turner is (or at least was) a police informer for Lancashire Police.

Paul Turner may be asked to attend court in February 2019, as Mr Ponting is taking legal action against Lancashire Police for his unlawful arrest, unlawful detention, malicious prosecution and assault. Paul Turner was involved in this case and committed perjury in court in November 2014, when he denied being a police informer. The IOPC have recently indicated that Lancashire Police did not review all evidence when investigating Mr Ponting’s complaint of Paul Turner’s perjury.

A private prosecution is in progress against Paul Turner for committing perjury, as he has so far been heavily protected by Lancashire Police for this offence.

Could Paul Turner also be behind a fake police Facebook page that has been set up with the sole intention of harassing Mr Ponting? The Facebook page ‘Lancashire Police Support Group’ has been reported to police as it states it is a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL Facebook page. The page owner has also paid for fake ‘likes’ on the Facebook page.

An officer  from Lancashire police seems to approve of the page and has taken no action to remove the page, even though there are grossly offensive comments about Mr Ponting on the page and it is listed clearly as a government official page.

Is the officer reluctant to help Mr Ponting because Mr Ponting has a number of complaints against him,  or is he protecting Paul Turner, the police asset?

Why would we think Paul Turner was implicated in the fake police Facebook page as well as the hate website? Well, for starters his sister Jacyln Turner and mother Lynn Turner have both ‘liked’ comments and posts on the page relating to Mr Ponting within minutes of the posts being published.










Paul Turner is also an  acquaintance of Darren Hogan from Wolverhampton. Darren Hogan has recently breached his restraining order, put in place to protect The Ponting family.  He is due in court 25th May 2018 charged with this breach.

Darren Hogan could face prison time for breaching this restraining order, which would be a shame for his four children (to four different mothers!)

Or maybe not, considering Hogan’s ‘alleged‘ history of child abuse and neglect under one of his alias names,  Darren Elswift! Ironically, West Midlands police are fully aware of this alias name.




What do Paul Turner and Darren Hogan have in common?

  1. Both have an unhealthy obsession and hatred towards Mr Ponting. Turner because he was dismissed from the only decent job he has ever had and Hogan…god only knows what goes through his head!
  2. Both are apparently from broken homes and have had unstable upbringings.
  3. Both admit to mental health problems.
  4. Both are unemployed.
  5. Both feel the need to take part in ‘manly‘ activities such as martial arts and childish activities such as bullying.
  6. Both were interviewed by police as suspects for an arson attack at Mr Ponting’s home in March 2017.
  7. Both are cowards as  they feel the need to use proxy servers and fake identities.
  8. Both have provided screenshots that they have the Tor network installed on their home PC’s. Turner provided his screenshot to the ICO and Hogan posted his on Facebook! (dope!)

Why do these men feel the need to join together to harass Mr Ponting? Is it because they are too weak to fight their battles on their own?


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