Rob Ware & Jonathon Gorman (and others) Conspiracy to Defraud – 25th October 2022

I attended Liverpool Crown Court today, courtroom 4-1.  The hearing was before Recorder, Judge Menary KC.

There were some issues raised at the beginning of the hearing of  ‘alleged threats‘ against the defendants.  I will mention this at the end of this update.

An application was made by Rob Ware’s representative for reporting restrictions, I ‘think‘ it was granted, but it may have just been agreed not to read address details out in court.

For the purpose of clarity, we will not publish any address or any identifiable location of any of the suspects.

Any comments that post any such details will be removed.  It is important that nothing is done to harm the case or the judicial process.

All defendants have now been arraigned. All have pleaded not guilty to all charges of Conspiracy to Commit Fraud, contrary to the Fraud Act 2006.  I believe there are about 6 counts for each defendant.

For those that do not know, the prosecution was originally brought as a private prosecution by some of his victims.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) was made aware of the prosecution.  They took over and continued it.

Rob Ware attended this time.  At the previous two hearings, Rob Ware made excuses and attended by remote link, claiming he had an injury and had to attend a drop-in centre, (on both occasions), He was ordered to attend today’s hearing and he complied.

Jonathon Gorman attended with his usual entourage of three minders.

All defendants were released on unconditional bail, the next hearing is 8th May 2023 at Liverpool Crown Court.

The defence statements need to be served by the 6th of December 2022.

The response statement needs to be served by the 17th of January 2023

Another date was set for 14th February 2022, (I think this was for stage 3).

Bad character applications are being made.

The trial is still set for 12th June 2023, however, one of the defendant’s barristers sheepishly made a request to delay the trial date.

KC Menary made it clear the date was set but said he was not ‘closing the door‘ on the request. KC Menary made it clear that the onus was on the defence barrister to ensure that any delay was agreed upon by all parties.


Issues Raised

Pre-hearing, there was a brief conflict in the waiting room.

I was waiting outside Court Room 4-1 and Rob Ware Walked into the area.  He saw me and ‘smirked at me‘.

Because of this, I sat opposite him and asked him what he was smirking at.  He just laughed.

So I sat next to him and asked what he was laughing at.

He asked me if I wanted a ‘selfie with him‘, so took out my phone a pretended to take one.

Rob Ware then made a reference to ‘biting off my nose (which is a threat) and one he had made against me on a phone call some years ago after I sued him. (listen to the recording of this below!)  Lancashire police failed to record this as a threat.


So, confronting Rob Ware, I told Rob Ware he thinks he is a big tough guy and said, “here I am big guy, try biting it off now”.

Rob then flagged a cop down and said “Are you going to let this happen“.  See, Rob is a coward face to face and can only make threats over the phone.

Three cops came over due to the raised voices, they told Rob Ware to move away.  Rob then had a quiet word with the police who then said to me that he said I had threatened him!   I told them I have “asked Rob to bite my nose off” which is not a threat.

The cop then said that Rob Ware had told them I had taken his photo. It was pretty obvious Rob had planned this entire pantomime.

The cop asked me to hand over my phone! I declined, they had no power to take my phone.  I told them I hadn’t taken a photo. Such a serious offence Rob Ware accused me of (and tried to provoke), one that carries a whopping £50 fine lol.

So, lessons learned, Rob Ware will do what it takes to try and damage the case against him so don’t get drawn in.

Rob Ware goaded me and then went running to the police trying to make an issue.

Before entering the courtroom, Rob Ware then made a point of discussing matters with ‘Val’, his solicitor (in the main photo).  Rob then fabricated a story to her to relay to his barrister to try to cause issues in the hearing relating to threats that did not happen.

KC Menary was told there were ‘threats’ outside the court and that Rob Was concerned for his safety.  His defence tried to make a song and dance out of their own Clients’ fanciful tactics.

Outside Court, I took the opportunity to get some lawful footage of Rob leaving the court.  He must have been in a rush this morning, he forgot to put his socks on!

He had managed to get three police officers to escort him from the building, I approached him with my camera.

The police at first asked me to leave him, I told them I was allowed to film and they made no further objection.   Rob tried desperately to get the police to stop me from filming him, but the officers were aware of the law and told him that filming in public was not a crime and that I was allowed.

I asked Rob about threatening to bite off my nose, oddly, he denied it even though he knows it was recorded (listen to the recording above)

Role on 12th June 2023, let’s hope justice is served.

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Janet lyons
Janet lyons
1 year ago

Thanks that’s a great update. Are you sure Gormans MINDERS aren’t just worthley and Co? Do you have any pictures of them.

Look whos laughing now
Look whos laughing now
1 year ago

Article relating to rob in Echo today, Chief inspector owed thousands to suspect ‘linked with dealer’

johnny cash
johnny cash
1 year ago

this fat blob is still selling properties

11 months ago

Will you be attending.and able to update us about thr trial?