Rob Ware & Jonathon Gorman Conspiracy to Defraud – 13th September 2022 ** UPDATED

Rob Ware Athena Ware Apart hotel

Update of the hearing on 13th September 2022

The prosecution made submissions to prevent any trial witnesses allowed in the court, even though it was only a case management hearing and a public court.  The witnesses present therefore remained in the waiting room.

I sat in the public gallery and after a query from the Court usher, the Judge was asked if I was was permitted to take notes and there was no objection.

Only Brown, Gorman and Wortley attended the hearing.

Rob Ware had sent a ‘doctors note‘ (like a school kid) as he said he had to attend hospital again.  Maybe it was his mum who sent it?  This was the same excuse as the previous hearing.  It has been suggested that Rob Ware actually sufferes from Shithouse’itus’, a rare condition that mainly affects adult babies.

Rob was visible by video link but due to technical issues he could not hear the court.

The prosecution made submissions to the Judge that this last minute sick note was a common tactic of Rob Ware but in fairness, it may be because Rob’s arse goes when he is summoned to court.

Brown was represented and was therefore read a list of around 10 charges that he faced, all relating to fraud committed between 2012 and 2017.  He pleaded not guilty.

Neither Gorman or Wortley were represented and neither could be arraigned although, it was noted that their pleas were likely to be not guilty plea’s.

The stage 1 hearing is listed for 25th October 2022 at Liverpool Crown Courts, all four defendants, especially Rob Ware are on unconditional bailed to attend on this date and the Judge made it clear that any failure to attend would lead to a warrant for their arrest.

The stage 2 hearing will be scheduled at the Stage 1 hearing (12th October)

The trial has been listed for 12th June 2023 and is expected to last between 8 and 12 weeks.


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1 year ago

rob ware the cockroach has currently got his apartment in mill lane up for sale on strike for £325,000. it is a shithole herbert you have no chance of selling at that price. if only potential buyers of this property knew how corrupt he is they wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole

L Peters
L Peters
1 year ago

I wonder how Tuesday will go for these lot? Don’t think Gorman will be sent to Walton as his current business partner has got two people locked up in there by snitching on them, They will be straight after him. Ware will already have a queue waiting.