Rob Ware & Jonathan Gorman – Charged with Conspiracy to Defraud

Rob Ware Athena Ware Apart hotel

Robert Richard Herbert Ware and Jonathan Gorman were listed to appear at Liverpool Crown Court, room 3-6 on Tuesday 16th Aug 22 at 9:45am both charged with Conspiracy to Defraud.

Jonathan Gorman was in attendance, Rob Ware was to appear by video link.

Gorman made an application to the court seeking to prevent publication of his address details.  The judge had some issues with the request and it was relisted with a 7 day adjournment requested.  No further information is available regarding this, I am unsure if it was granted.

Mr Gorman left the Court Room followed by two acquaintances who had been sitting in the public gallery believed to be his minders.

The proceedings for Rob Ware were delayed as Wares representative told the Court that his client had to attend a walk in centre from an eye injury and his representative was unable to contact him.

After a short delay, Wares representative notified the Court that his client had not received the Court email with the video link and another was sent by the clerk.

A further notice to the court at 11am that Ware was ready to appear by video link in 10 minutes.

Rob Ware appeared at 11:30am on a poorly lit video call, he confirmed his name and address.

The charges were read (Conspiracy to Defraud) which related to dates between 2013 and 2017.

Due to the severity of the charges, the case was transferred to the Crown Court which it is listed for the 13th September 2022.

Both Ware and Gorman are bailed to appear on this date.

Due to this being a live criminal case, comments are moderated to prevent sub-judice.


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John Sanderson
John Sanderson
1 year ago

He’ll most likely get off with what ever it is as he’s a slippery fat fucker.

The guy deserves to be behind bars.


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1 year ago

Why does one appear in person and one on video link?

1 year ago

What a useless fat melt of a cunt Rob Ware is – gives it all lemon and then fucks of home to mummy. The only damage he could do is if he sat on you!

8 months ago

Rob Ware and Graham Wortley, were both found guilty for conspiracy to commit fraud today in Liverpool Crown Court.