Jimmy Harrison of Ormskirk speaks shite… again! ** UPDATE **

I have avoided posting any information about the ‘Harrison’ family from Scott Estate online, hoping the criminal conviction of his son would have taught them a lesson.

Sadly, Jimmy Harrison seems to have a bee in his bonnet and feels the need to publically speak shite about me so, I am here to set the record straight with some facts!

Jimmy Harrison has two sons, Dane Harrison and Lewis Harrison.

Dane was convicted for s5 Public Order offence after he punched me in the face and then robbed and broke my phone.

This was caught on CCTV and Dane Harrison (and his chumps) thought they would give me a beating for chasing him to get my phone. Jimmy also ‘jumped in’ with a few kicks to me while I was down.

Funny thing though, Lancashire police charged me for trying to catch the thief.  Dane was convicted, I was also convicted (for putting him in fear of violence for chasing him to get my phone)… but was quickly acquitted on appeal, (I think the Magistrates had been eating magic mushrooms).

The CCTV showed me getting assaulted by tough guy Dane and his baldy headed father (also charged, but acquitted), even though the court heard that Jimmy Harrison has ‘other convictions’.

The damage to my phone from the theft was paid for by Dane Harrison after a civil claim was successfully brought against him.

Due to this, Jimmy Harrisons eldest son, Lewis Harrison, saw me walking my dogs (during lockdown), he stopped his car, got out and KICKED my dog. He then followed me onto the Grimshaw Lane park and head butted me!

I don’t go down easy so I gave the prick a few good digs in self defence, I am pretty sure he will think twice about doing it again, next time will be a pre-emptive strike.

Good only Lancashite police turned up after a witness saw everything and called them.   The independent witness saw everything and confirmed he would give evidence at court.  He confirmed I was attacked by Lewis Harrison.. but after Lancashire police spoke with the elderly man, he later decided he did not want to give evidence.

How very odd.  Did the police persuaded him? or, maybe the Harrisons threatened him?

A recording from the police body cam confirms everything the witness said I was attacked but, suffice to say, pretty boy Lewis avoided a conviction after the only witness who saw everything, backed out.

Jimmy Harrison, rather then burying his head, decided to spout this utter bollocks about me on Facebook (below).

Jimmy Harrison claims that I drive round Ormskirk and in my car and on motorcycle looking for victims.  No Jimmy, I drive around Ormskirk as I have a job and that is part of my job.

Jimmy Harrison claims I have a camera on the front and rear of my motorbike and car! wrong again Jimmy! I have a single helmet-mounted camera pointing forward for safety for when riding my motorcycle, that’s all. So, Jimmy Harrison is called out for intentionally spouting shite.

Jimmy Harrison also claims I have Cameras on ‘every wall of my house’!  I have 2 cameras on the front of my house for security. Hardly every wall and what the fuck is this odd ball doing “checking out my house!”.  Jimmy Harrison called out again for spouting shit and now admits he is fucking stalking me.

Finally Jimmy Harrison claims I fly a drome (think he means drone) around the estate looking for [illegal] crossers.

Fantastic Idea, to be honest, as all this shit started after his own kids were tearing up a public park on crossers, maybe I could put our business commercial drones to some use other than for Commercial Land and Property Surveying!

I presume Jimmy is stalking my business to find anything we do to attribute to anything he can dream up!

I have a post where Jimmy Harrison claims I keep driving past his house. Bullshit, I drove past his house once and was assaulted, the one and only time.

Jimmy says I always drive past videoing him… lol, lets see some evidence as there are plenty of cameras down there fella, you know, the one that shows Jimmy Harrison and Dane Harrison assaulting me after the now convicted Dane robbed my phone…

Next he will probably claim I shot JFK and maybe I am hiding Elvis in my cellar?

Keep it up Jimmy, you want publicity, keep posting shite and I will happily set the record straight.

Wanna drop all this shit? Simple, remove your posts, bury head and fuck off out of my life, then this post will go.

More to come otherwise!



UPDATE: 20th February 2023

Jimmy Harrison posted the following shite comment on the Facebook page of a man charged with offences against my family.  It is assumed he is talking about me and his lovely [criminal] son, Lewis Harrison, who headbutted me.

The ‘loads of shit’ he refers to is this article you are reading which provides facts.  If Jimmy Harrison wishes to contact this website with evidence of what is ‘shite’ we will check the content and if found to be false, will remove it.

We have so far refrained from releasing some material, including photographs of his criminal sons and the audio recording from the police body-worn camera of the independent witness confirming Lewis Harrison committed the offence.

Jimmy then compares the crimes of his sons to a game, saying it is 2 up for us.  Assault occasioning actual bodily harm (ABH) is not a game. A strange comment from a deluded man considering his youngest son, Dane Harrison was convicted for his physical attack.

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