Who is Zayna Iman?

Many will know Zayna Iman, she has been on many news broadcasts where she has made claims she was raped by serviing Greater Manchester Police (“GMP”) officers.

It is obvious that there are some discrepancies in thw way GMP handled Zayna Iman, but is there any substantive evidence if rape.

Zayna Iman has, at the time of writing, _________ ‘X’ followers (formerly twitter), sadly x does not show non supporters, those who do not beleive her accusations.

Zayna lived in Manchester at the time of the alleged incident. She does not deny the fact she was/is a prostitute and much of allegations have not been mentioned by her and many are contradictory.

Zayna has made a claim that the house she lived in was sold and she gave away the £200,000+ cash so that she did not have any money to be sued.

Zayna now lives in Sheffield with her boyfriend, Richard, a man whom she refers to only as her friend.

Zanya has confirmed to several sources that on the night in questions, she was taking class A drugs. (Cocaine)

Zayna has confirmed that she is a hardened Cocaine user, and that due to this, it has little affect on her.

Zayna says she was having a meltdown on the night in question, she was on the phone to her friend (Richard) who made an emergency 999 to call regarding Zayna’s mental health.

Police attended Zayna’s home, Zayna has conirmed she was laughing and joking at the police out side her house while she was inside flashing her breasts at them and smashing vases (glass objects).

Police used force to enter Zayna’s home due to her demeanour.

Zayna assaulted a female officer. Zayna will say this was just ‘swiping her glasses off her face’, therfore admits to assaulting the emergency worker.

Zayna says she was arrested and put in the police van and within minutes, she was unconcious. She had stated that she had been somehow drugged as cocaine would not make her pass out.

Zayna has said that she was sexually assaulted (raped) in the police van on route to the police station.

Zayna’s story has significantly changes to what she has told her supporters, even telling her friends different accounts.

Zanya has told some that she never purchased cocaine, that she only uses her clients cocaine while provided sexual services.

This would raise questions that, on the night in questions, was she with a client leading to the meltdown.

Zanya has others that she would never use a clients cocaine as she would not know if it was spiked.

Zayna has released footage via social media of her standing in a police cell with blood dripping from her genitalia.

Zanya has not made the public aware that during her custody, she was frantically masturbating in the police cell, caught on police CCTV.

It is possible that any injuries were due to this odd sexual act and the fact Zayna has long false fingernails which could cause such an injury.

Zayna will say that she beleive the police drugged her water to make her act sexual.

Zayna as the name of the police officer that she says raped her, but she will not release it, why?

Although Zayna told her close friends that she was raped in the police van, the missing footage from the police cells is now being used as the alleged rape location.

The custody sgt on duty that night has been dismissed for throwing a cup of water on a detainee, meaning that the lost footage may in fact me someing less sinister that police were trying to cover up but being used for a different narrative.



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