Hadfield Graninger & McNally

Today, 9th March 2023, at 3:15pm a hearing was scheduled in Manchester Justice Centre, an application was made by Gail Hadfield-Grainger and Mags McNally for an injunction against Mr Ponting. (the respondent)

I was a witness to the events and attended with the respondent.

We arrived at Court at around 3pm and approached Court Room 17,

We noticed that Mags McNally and Gail-Hadfield-Grainger were sitting close to room 17 so we sat a little further away.  We sat near 3 men who were seemingly not involved.

While we chatted among ourselves, one of the men, now known to be a man named ‘COOKIE’,  stepped towards us, leaned over the wife of the respondent and said to her, “[if you] threaten my missus again and i’ll kill you“.  The was witnessed by 3 people and likely to be captured on Court CCTV.

The respondent stood up to the little man (about 4ft something), and dared him to repeat his threat.  Cookie retreated to the other two men (his little tracksuit gang). The respondent reported the threat against his wife to the court staff, and security attended.  I am aware the police have also been notified and the incident has been crimed.

The respondent said to Gail, “is he with you” Gail just ignored the respondent, and Mags darted up, saying, “haven’t you caused enough problems“.  Ironically, the man is COOKIE, Gails partner and had just threatened to KILL another woman.

A rape victim that Gail had coached to lie to police was also present as a witness against Gail.  She was horrified at the comment as the threat was from Gail’s partner, and it was Gail who had caused irreparable problems for her.

The security moved the group of men away, and they went on to take a position with Gail and Mags, proving that they were connected.

It also begged the question, why were they making such an effort to sit away from Gail & Mags when they were there with them.  It looked like an elaborate ambush (they went very wrong).

The Court proceedings were comical.  The Judge made it clear from the outset that the Claimants (Gail and Mags) had failed to follow procedures, going so far as advising them how to actually fill out the claim form. The respondent notified the Judge that the Claimants were ‘legal Consultants’ and should know what they were doing; the Judge made the comment that not everyone knows the law which was interpreted that the Judge confirmed that Hadfield Grainger & McNally do not know how to fill in simply legal applications.

He struck out their claim after submissions from the respondent making the court aware that a prior judge had ordered they provide a correct application or it be struck out and that given it being struck out, the respondent was entitled to costs at a rate of £19 per hour.

The judge, realising that the costs were reasonable and justified, made the absurd decision to UN-strike out the claim!  The Judge then said, “I am going to make another order! and gave the Claimants 7 days to prepare their case (for the 3rd time)

When asked his reasoning, the Judge said it would take him more than 10 minutes for him to consider the costs.

The Court told the claimants that the respondent has the court’s permission to seek costs on a further application.

The parties left the Courtroom.  The respondent’s wife said to Gail Hadfield-Grainger  “How dare you set your husband on to me“.

Gail started to squeal, like a damsel in distress, “you are causing me harassment, alarm and distress” and in true Gail style (as we are told) she put her middle finger up at the respondent’s wife, witnessed by several people and most likely on CCTV.


The Claimants were notified after the hearing that they poxy application had failed to provide full disclosure, Gail looked horrified when it was said that she must disclose the audio recordings she claims were illegally acquired.

Gail now knows that the case will be vehemently defended if pursued and it that

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