Jimmy Harrison of Scott Estate goads a malicious troll to attack the same man his own sons attacked

In 2017, Dane Harrison, now 20 years old was convicted for a public order orrence after punching a man and stealing his phone.

Shortly after, Dane Harrison was ordered to pay for the damage caused to the phone in a civil application.

Jimmy Harrison of Lea Crescent Ormskirk was also charged when CCTV showed him punching and kicking the same man in the same attack but mysteriously being acquitted.

In 2021, Lewis Harrison was initially charged with ABH for headbutting the same man; however, the prosecution did not materialise after an elderly witness decided not to give evidence. Suspected to be from witness intimidation.

Now Jimmy is provoking online abuse against the same man. Rather than keeping to his own business, Jimmy is sticking his head above the paraphet, suggesting that the man is STILL POSTING about his family, but then goes on to show a post from 5 years ago.

Jimmy Harrison is provoking continued harassment against the man out of revenge for his own delinquent sons. Maybe if Jimmy and his Wife brought their children up correctly, then he would not have to seek revenge.

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