Private Landowners – Do you have Nuisance parkers, then read this

Up until xx/xx/xxxx, private landowners were able to charge nuisance parkers by installing a wheel clamp to prevent the owner from removing their vehicle unless a removal fee for the clamp was paid.

Entering someone’s private property without permission is trespass. However, trespass is a civil tort and therefore has no criminal remedy to sanction those who abuse private land.

As a private landowner, to see remedy via the civil route was arduous as you would need to trace the vehicle via it registration before bringing a claim against the owner, who may or may not have been the driver.

Even if your claim is successful, you then face the difficulty of recovering the costs awarded by the courts.

Being able to install a wheel clamp was quick and efficient, but as with many things, this process was abused by some who would snare innocent people who inadvertently parked where there was no unclear signage and laws were brought about to stop this.

So, what are the rules now, and how can I deter nuisance parkers or even charge them?

If you own private land, then if anyone was to enter your private land, they are committing a trespass.

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