Darren Hogan accused of stalking his ex-partner – Evidence of STALKING

We have been notified of a worrying YouTube video, poste by Darren Hogan of Wolverhampton.

The video, below, is created in the name of a child and the video is creepily all about his ex-partner and her new partner.

Hogan has named the video, ‘evidence of relationship‘ and is his way of publishing ‘evidence‘ that his partner has in fact, moved on and wants nothing to do with him.

Hogan failed to note that he was logged into his gmail account when creating this creepy video which shows his email address and approx. postcode!

Instead of moving on with his own sad little life, Hogan has taken to stalking his ex, going so far as to publish this video of her Facebook account and also of her partners Facebook account.

It is also alleged that Hogan has been seen sitting outside his partners home and sending messages to her of the registration number of her partners car, saying ‘nice car’?  This may be a threat!

Hogan is alleged to be involved in an arson attack on a car in Ormskirk, Lancashire.  His ex-partner has provided evidence to the police and Hogan has made some threats to her for giving evidence.  This has been reported as ‘witness intimidation’.

Hogan has links to ‘Lancashire’ police in a police operation called Operation Malaya.


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